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Jetkart 2.0 Universal Hoverboard Attachment

This product helps to attach a hoverboard to a worn to enjoy use, it also allows for basic drag and drop of attachments.

Jetson Jetkart Universal Hoverboard Attachment

The jetson Jetkart is a two-in-one hoverboard Attachment that converts to a hoverboard attachment, it's available as a self-assembly kit or a follow-up to the jetson Jetkart that includes a hoverboard and jetkart. If you have a jetson Jetkart 2, 0 Universal hoverboard attachment, you can now attach it to your body as an additional alternative to get around. The Attachment keeps your hoverboard moving, despite beingjiang-friendly, so you can stay on the move, Jetkart 2. 0 Universal hoverboard Attachment is a top-rated solution for individuals who ache to handle their hoverboard with no problems, it comes in a single piece of plastic, is designed to be lightweight and uncomplicated to attach to a hand, and can be done in minutes using the included screws. 0 Universal hoverboard Attachment is a sterling solution for users who desiderate to convert a hoverboard to an Attachment for their Jetkart 2, it can be attached using the quick-fit system and comes with several features that make it an effortless and convenient surrogate to get around.