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Hoverboard Arduino

Arduino, self-balancing, robot, kit, diy, project.

Hoverboard Arduino Amazon

The robot car kit 2-wheelcompatible with Arduino ide is top-rated for beginners or those who ache to start up their workshop, this kit includes a robot, an 2-wheelcompatible with Arduino ide, and some spare parts. The kit also includes a guide to help new robot enthusiasts, the hoverboard is a robotic self-balancing balance that uses sensors to keep you in control. It is a kit that includes an Arduino uno, a self- robbins and more, the eleanor self- balancing robot renders been designed with your safety in mind. This robot is compatible with the Arduino stem kit and can move the car by herself! She is moreover straightforward to control with her own algorithms and bouncy movement, the self-balancing robot car kit is an enticing kit to check out. It comes with an Arduino stem kit, a tumbler, and a few other pieces, the tumbler can self-balance on the inside circle and the Arduino can store and send signals to the tumbler so it can stay on the inside circle.