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Gotrax Ion Led Hoverboard

Gotrax is a new company that imparts created a bed of roses for marketers, these scooters are electric and have a weight capacity of 176 lbs. The self balancing system ensures that the scooters are evenly balanced and move with the rider without effort, the speaker 200 w ul2272 ensures clear voice and sound from the scooters.

Hoverfly Hoverboard

The hoverfly is an electric self-balancing scooter that uses gotrax's technology, the hoverfly offers an 6. 2 mph speed and is equipped with 200 watt Led lights that make it effortless to find, the hoverfly Ion is an unrivaled wheel for self-balancinghoverboards. With its dual 200 watt dual light bulb lit for attention, the hoverfly Ion makes you feel like you're on a top secret project, plus, it features a top-notch technology of Gotrax certified wheels. The Gotrax is a top-grade addition to your self-balancing scooter arsenal, this hoverboard inspired scooter renders gotrax's all-natural finish and this Gotrax eco keyword package. With its private backlight and straightforward on-off, the Gotrax hoverboard is top-grade for self-sufficient operators who wish to get around without strikeouts or power, the Gotrax hoverboard is a sleek and simple self-balancing scooter, first-class for operators who ache to get around without strikeouts or power. This scooter peerless for an individual who wants to get around without all those useless power tools, this is a terrific acdc adapter for the hoverfly hoverboard self balancing 6. 5 Led electric scooter, this device helps you to balance your device without ever having to take your hands off the wheel.